Green long-term cell tracer, CYTO-ID®

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
ALEXENZ-51036-K025EA 364 EUR
Green long-term cell tracer, CYTO-ID®
Assays Cellular Assays
Live cell fluorescent labelling used for a long term cell viability, cytotoxicity, cell adhesion, cell migration, and cell-cell fusion studies.

  • Dual labelling with CELLESTIAL® fluorescent probes
  • Minimal transfer of fluorescence from dye-labeled to unlabeled cells
  • Proprietary non covalent cell labeling technology to stably incorporate a green fluorescent dye containing hydrophobic aliphatic chains into the cell membrane’s lipid bilayer

Ordering information: Contains a green tracer dye (50 µl), 4X labeling buffer (12,5 ml), and 10X HBSS (25 ml).
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