RNA ladder, high range, RiboRuler™

Supplier: Fermentas (Thermo Scientific)
SM1821EA 176 EUR
RNA ladder, high range, RiboRuler™
Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Weight Markers
RiboRuler™ high range RNA ladder allows precise sizing of RNA molecules in denaturing agarose gels and Northern blotting.

  • Easy-to-remember band sizes and quantities
  • Sharp bands of uniform intensity
  • Predetermined concentration of ladder bands allows for approximate RNA quantification
  • Available in both conventional and ready-to-use format

RiboRuler™ high range RNA ladder is composed of chromatography-purified transcripts that makes them free from NTPs and RNA degradation products. The concentration of each RNA transcript is determined spectrophotometrically. To minimise the possibility of contamination during the use, the ladder is aliquotted in smaller volumes.

Delivery information: Supplied with 2X RNA loading dye.
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