Density hydrometers

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL3031009EA 19.2 EUR
SCNL3031005/03 SCNL3031009 SCNL3031006 SCNL3031005 SCNL3031008 SCNL3031007 SCNL3031002 SCNL3031013 SCNL3031012 SCNL3031001 SCNL3031004 SCNL3031014 SCNL3031003 SCNL3031011 SCNL3031010
Density hydrometers
Density hydrometers calibrated at 20 °C.

* Works certificate.

Ordering information: Available with works or DAkkS calibration certificate on request.

Packaging: Packed in a square plastic sleeve.
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