Membrane potential detection kit, MITO-ID®

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
ALEXENZ-51018-K100EA 705 EUR
ALEXENZ-51018-K100 ALEXENZ-51018-0025
Membrane potential detection kit, MITO-ID®
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MITO-ID® membrane potential detection kit monitors energetic status using a simple mix-and-read, no-wash protocol. It measures mitochondrial membrane potential with a cationic dye that fluoresces either green or orange depending upon membrane potential status.

  • Highly sensitive detection of mitochondrial membrane potential decline
  • Aids in the drug research process in preclinical drug safety assessment (ADME-Tox)
  • Suitable for chemical/environmental toxicity screening and characterisation
  • True mix-and-read homogeneous assay for live cells
  • Optimized for the measurement of mitochondria membrane potential (MMP) and cell viability by fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry

Cell-based assays for evaluating the functional status of mitochondria are useful tools for elucidating the role of mitochondrial activity in drug-induced toxicity, the apoptosis cascade and other cellular and biochemical processes.

Delivery information: Kit contains MITO-ID® MP detection reagent, necrosis detection reagent, CCCP control, 10X assay buffer 1 and 50X assay buffer 2.
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