Digital polarimeters, ADP600

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Digital polarimeters, ADP600
The ADP600 high precision polarimeters with internal Peltier temperature control are capable of measuring optical rotation to four decimal places angular across the UV/Visible spectrum using standard glass or low volume leur taper flow-through tubes.

  • Touch screen facilitates navigation through user and supervisor menus
  • Standard and low volume sample tubes
  • Single, double, or multiple wavelengths (UV/Vis)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail and signatures
  • GLP software (date/time/batch)

Scientists wishing to measure optical rotation, specific rotation or concentration of optically active samples and chiral compounds to the highest achievable accuracy may do so easily and depending on the model chosen, across a number of wavelengths in the UV/Vis spectrum. The ADP660 six wavelength version is the most versatile and offers extreme sensitivity when using one of the two ultraviolet wavelengths; ideal for measuring very low concentration samples or those with little rotation. The ADP wavelength facilitates measurement of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide in accordance with pharmacopeia.

The instruments touchscreen user interface facilitates easy navigation through user and supervisor menus. A Methods system facilitates one-touch configuration of the instrument and over 4000 readings may be stored, viewed and output, using the “Print to Secure PDF” function. RFID user clearance offers superior security in FDA controlled environments operating in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11. A log of user activity is also accessed via the touchscreen. Audit trails and electronic signature features are also standard across all models.

The ADP600 series polarimeters meet all the requirements of Pharmacopeia (BP/EP/USP/JP) Annex <781> and is ideal for high performance use within academia and research as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, flavours, fragrance and essences manufacturing. Supplied with 200mm glass centre fill tube (and pack of silica windows for models <400nm). A full range of accessories is available.

Following extensive consultation with pharmaceutical manufacturers, the on-board software of ADP600 series instruments has been improved to meet not only the needs of the FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 but also the demanding Data integrity (DI) needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Certifications: USP, EP, BP, JP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Ordering information: Polarimeter tubes, slotted lids, barcode reader and printer are not included.

Delivery information: Supplied with pack of two RFID tags, standard lids, instruction manual and certificate of conformity.

Caution: NOTE − For use below 400 nm, special UV pass polarimeter tube windows must be used.
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