Heat-On Blocks

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Heat-On Blocks
Block Heaters Blocks
Safe, fast and efficient way of heating and stirring round bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 litres, suitable for use with all makes of hotplates with diameter up to 145 mm. Heat-On blocks replace oil baths and heating mantles, manufactured from solid aluminium they provide excellent heat transfer, prevent hotspots and avoid spills making chemistry safer. Unique well design prevents flasks cracking whilst maximising surface area contact.

  • Save money by removing the need for messy oil and the costly disposal of used oil, and utilise existing laboratory glassware
  • Innovative, easy to clean Fluropolymer coating offers outstanding resistance to most solvents, acids and alkalis
  • Can be used up to 200 or 260 °C for short periods of time
  • Heat-On can boil 250 ml of water in under 11 minutes, faster than an oil bath, a 2000 ml Heat-On Block and flask containing 1000 ml of water boiled 66% faster than the competition
  • Two temperature probe holes for accurate temperature control and feedback

Multi-well block holder and inserts:

This unique Multi-welblock holder is designed to hold either one or two inserts for flasks*.
The inserts are available for 10, 25, 50, 100 and 150 ml flasks. Flask inserts
also feature cut-away sides for use with two or three neck flasks and accommodate optional safety lifting handles.

Caution: *will only accept one 150 ml insert.

*will only accept one 150 ml insert
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