Two-dimensional BioProcess Container™ system, Labtainer™ BPC bags

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

HYCPSH30657.11EA 213 EUR
HYCPSH30657.11 HYCPSH30709.01 HYCPSH30657.13 HYCPSH30712.01_U HYCPSH30657.14 HYCPSH30657.15 HYCPSH30657.16 HYCPSH30712.04 HYCPSH30712.05 HYCPSH30714.05 HYCPSH30712.02 HYCPSH30714.04 HYCPSH30712.03 HYCPSH30714.03 HYCPSH30714.02 HYCPSH30714.01 HYCPSH30662.15 HYCPSH30662.16 HYCPSH30658.11 HYCPSH30658.12 HYCPSH30658.13 HYCPSH30658.14 HYCPSH30658.15 HYCPSH30658.16 HYCPSH30709.05 HYCPSH30709.04 HYCPSH30709.03 HYCPSH30709.02 HYCPSH30713.05 HYCPSH30713.03 HYCPSH30713.04 HYCPSH30713.01 HYCPSH30713.02 HYCPSH30662.11 HYCPSH30662.12 HYCPSH30662.14
Two-dimensional BioProcess Container™ system, Labtainer™ BPC bags
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BioProcess Container™ (BPC™) systems include two-dimensional single-use bags for liquid handling. Manufactured from medical-grade plastics (cGMP compliant) and configured with ports, tubing and fittings, BPC™ systems provide an efficient means for sterile liquid handling in research and production settings.

  • Film type: CX5-14 Single Web
  • Sterilisation method: Gamma irradiation
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