VWR® ELSD LC, ELSD FP, ELSD 100, Low Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors

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VWR® ELSD LC, ELSD FP, ELSD 100, Low Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors
Chromatography Detectors
These ELSD models combine simplicity, reliability and robustness for all your analyses or purifications. They allow for the detection of essentially all compounds. Detection is based on a universal property of all analytes, and does not require the presence of a chromophoric group, electro-active group, etc. Control of the system can be done either locally or via a PC. A remote shutdown mode is also provided to minimise cost and enhance system lifetime.

  • Minimised band broadening thanks to a dedicated nebuliser and innovative cell design
  • SAGA (Automated Gain Adjustment), an innovative gain control available when it is driver-controlled by software, the detector automatically adapts the gain setting to avoid any off-scale saturation of the detector
  • Complete remote control: The gas, heater, photomultiplier and light source can be automatically shut-off at the end of a series of analyses or purifications
  • Full SOP protocols are provided for GLP compliance and validation procedures

ELSD LC: Optimises sensitivity of non volatile, thermally-labile and semi-volatile compounds.

ELSD FP: Optimised liquid flow path and gas-focusing technology in the optical detection cell prevent the detector from clogging or contamination extending its operability.

ELSD 100: Optimises sensitivity of thermally-labile and semi-volatile compounds. Direct linearity on the global dynamic range: Enhanced correlation coefficients. New optical head design, based on a new high power laser, provides the highest signal-to-noise ratio for all compounds.
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