Cell culture media, powdered, Murashige and Skoog medium

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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Cell culture media, powdered, Murashige and Skoog medium
Cell Culture Media
Murashige and Skoog Medium is widely used plant tissue culture growth medium. It has proven effective in the culture of tissue derived from monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

This medium, originally formulated to support tobacco callus, has been used to support callus initiation and growth, the growth of cells in suspension culture and the regeneration of shoots and plantlets from explants. More recently, it has been used for micropropagation of ornamental, vegetable and fruit plants in research and commercial enterprises.

The medium contains Murashige and Skoog salts, as well as a mixture of vitamins. This modification of the original formula does not contain agar, sucrose, IAA, and kinetin.
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