Ultrasonic processors, Vibra-Cell™ VCX 130 and VCX 130PB


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432-0135 432-0136 SONIVCX-130-220 SONIVCX130PB-220
Ultrasonic processors, Vibra-Cell™ VCX 130 and VCX 130PB
Homogenisers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
The Vibra-Cell™ is a technologically advanced, high-intensity ultrasonic processor for low volume applications*. It can safely process a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials in applications such as cell disruption, sample preparation, homogenisation, disaggregation and sonochemical reactions. The system can vary the power output and constantly monitor both power (Watts) and energy (Joules). The VCX 130 model has the additional features of 10 hour timer, independent on-off pulser and ability to program some set and run parameters.

  • Automatic tuning eliminates need for constant adjustment
  • Automatic amplitude compensation ensures uniform tip excursion regardless of load conditions
  • Highly efficient converters are designed for heavy duty operation, no ancillary cooling required
  • Piezoelectric converter, Type PZT (Lead Zirconium Titanate) crystals
  • Titanium alloy (TI-6AL-4V) probes

Ordering information: For accessories for the Vibra-Cell™ processors please see separate entry ‘Probes and accessories for Vibra-Cell™ ultrasonic processors’.
* Other volumes can be processed using optional replacement probes.

Delivery information: Supplied complete with 1,5 m cable from converter, standard 3 or 6 mm probe, tool kit and manual.

Caution: Safety note: Never use a probe with a replacement tip with low surface tension liquids. Use a solid probe instead.
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