Labels, laser Cryo-Babies® and Cryotags®

Supplier: Heathrow Scientific
Labels, laser Cryo-Babies® and Cryotags®
These labels are for secure uncompromised labelling.

  • Temperature resistance from –196 to 150 °C
  • Liquid and vapor phase LN2, water baths to 100 °C, and autoclaving and moderate ovens to 150 °C
  • Chemically inert, and resistant to most solvents and caustic agents
  • Adheres to most plastics (100% virgin PP tubes recommended), glass, and metals without cracking, peeling, or degrading
  • Label sheets will not jam printers
  • Flexible polyolefin material and acrylic adhesive
  • Unique combo expands and contracts together with temperature fluctuations
  • Autoclavable and disposable

Laser Cryo tags withstand both long term cryogenic storage conditions and conventional freezer storage. Cryogenic labels with a solvent-resistant adhesive that will adhere to croygenic vials, microtubes, test tubes, glass vials, beakers, and metal racks. Laser Cryo Tags also withstand flash/snap freezing in liquid nitrogen, boiling water baths at 100 °C, and dry heat up to 150 °C.
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