Inlet liners, FocusLiner™, Supelco®

Supplier: Merck
2875701-UEA 65.5 EUR
2875701-U 2878405-U 2879925-U 2879525-U 2879205-U 2879901-U 2879625-U 2879505-U 2879605-U 2879825-U 2877001-U 2879601-U 2879805-U 2879801-U 2878601-U 2875705-U 2878605-U 2879905-U 2878401-U 2877005-U 2879201-U 2879501-U
Inlet liners, FocusLiner™, Supelco®
Chromatography Supplies Chromatography Inlet Liners
FocusLiner™ inlet liners are designed with wool plug to promote the rapid vaporisation of the entire sample, minimise mass discrimination, and prevent non-volatile material from entering the column. It incorporates a unique design to prevent the shifting of the wool plug during repeated injections or sudden inlet pressure changes. These liners are suitable for Agilent, Perkinelmer, Shimadzu, Finnigan, Varian and Thermo scientific equipped with split/splitless inlets.

  • Large surface area for maximum sample vaporisation
  • Wiping action removes residual liquid sample from the needle tip, thus preventing droplet formation
  • Reduced solvent tailing
  • Lower mass discrimination during split injections
  • Provide maximum sensitivity and improved detection levels
  • High temperature deactivated glass
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