Standard hydrometers

Supplier: Alla France
ALLA3100MC07020BEUEA 330 EUR
ALLA3100MC07020BEU ALLA3500MC10020MEO ALLA3500MC14520HEU ALLA3100MC12020MEU ALLA3500MC07020BEU ALLA3100MC15020HEO ALLA3100MC10020MEO ALLA3100MC09020BEU ALLA3100MC14020HEU ALLA3500MC07520BEU ALLA3500LC10020MEU ALLA3500MC09020BEU ALLA3500MC10520MEO ALLA3100MC11020MEU ALLA3100MC16020HEU ALLA3100MC13020HEO ALLA3100MC08020BEO ALLA3100MC13020MEU ALLA3100MC08020BEU ALLA3100MC11020MEO ALLA3500MC11020MEO ALLA3500MC08520BEU ALLA3100MC16020HEO ALLA3100MC06020BEU ALLA3100MC13020HEU ALLA3500LC08520BEU ALLA3500MC06520BEU ALLA3100MC09020BEO ALLA3500MC11520MEO ALLA3500MC08020BEU ALLA3100MC14020HEO ALLA3100MC15020HEU ALLA3100MC10020MEU ALLA3500MC14520BEU ALLA3100MC17020HEO ALLA3100MC12020MEO
Standard hydrometers
These standard hydrometers strictly adhere to the principles of manufacture and specified calibration.

  • Reading below meniscus
  • Calibration temperature of 20 °C
  • Reference mark on the stem shows any movement of the measurement scale

Certifications: NF, ISO, BS and DIN.

Delivery information: Supplied with certificate of conformity to ISO 649 (corresponding to BS718, DIN12791, NF B 35511).
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