SpCas9 nuclease

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SpCas9 nuclease
Transfection Reagents
SpCas9 nuclease sequence is carefully optimized to improve its nuclear import, nuclease editing efficiency, and to reduce off-targeting effects

  • High genome editing efficiency with jetCRISPR™
  • Especially designed for transfection
  • Minimize off target-effects using RNP approach
  • Better Cas9 activity control by using RNP

Choosing the optimal Cas9 sequence is key in enhancing targeted nuclear delivery of the Cas9 protein with the gRNA. Polyplus-transfection SpCas9 nuclease leads to higher genome editing then other commercially available Cas9 proteins using jetCRISPR™ transfection reagent.

SpCas9 nuclease is developed to reach the highest genome editing efficiency with our RNP transfection reagent jetCRIPSR™.

Concentration 10 µg/µL

Certifications: Since 2002, the company is ISO 9001 certified and since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.

Ordering information: 1.5 ml of jetCRISPR™ transfection reagent is sufficient to perform ~300 transfections in 6-well plates. Contact your local Avantor sales office for more details.

Caution: Storage Temperature - 20 °C
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