PCR decontamination kit

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
PCR decontamination kit
Nucleic Acid Reagents Nucleic Acid Modification and Labelling
Rapid removal of contaminating DNA in PCR mastermixes, without reduction in PCR sensitivity.

  • Removes DNA contamination from PCR mastermixes and primers prior to PCR
  • Improves target detection by reducing background
  • Does not effect PCR sensitivity
  • Optimized for PCR and probe based qPCR mixes

The PCR Decontamination Kit uses a dsDNase to remove contaminating DNA from mastermixes. The double-strand specific property allows decontamination in the presence of primers and probe.The dsDNase is irreversibly inactivated by heating to 60 °C in the presence of DTT, ensuring that DNA template added to the mastermix after inactivation will not be digested. The mastermix can be used immediately after decontamination to run PCR reactions.

AMPIGENE® Taq polymerases have been treated to remove host DNA and additional clean-up is not necessary.

Ordering information: Contains Heat-labile dsDNase, DTT.
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