Cell migration assay, Tri-Coat

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
Cell migration assay, Tri-Coat
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Reproducibly monitor real-time cell migration, without the use of special instrumentation.

2D assay for investigating cell migration of adherent cell lines, on three coated surfaces.

The Cell migration assay, Tri-Coat is a reproducible, sensitive, and flexible assay that can be used to monitor cell migration on three differently coated surfaces. Optimizing conditions for conducting cell migration studies can be costly and time consuming. The new Cell migration assay, Tri-Coat combines three kits into one for evaluating the best surface coating for your cell migration application.Formatted for a 96-well plate, the assay utilizes Cell Seeding Stoppers made from a medical-grade silicone to restrict cell seeding to the outer annular regions of the wells. Removal of the stoppers reveals a 2mm diameter unseeded region in the center of each well, i.e., the detection zone, into which the seeded cells may then migrate. The Detection Mask is applied to the plate bottom and restricts visualization to the detection zones, allowing only cells that have migrated to be detected. The Cell migration assay is designed to be used with any stain or labeling technique. Readout can be performed by microscopy or use of a microplate reader.The Cell migration assay, Tri-Coat provides wells that are Tissue Culture treated, Collagen-I coated and Fibronectin coated. The assay has been successfully used with HT-1080, PC-3, A549, NCI H1650, MDA-MB-231, NMuMG, 3T3-Swiss albino, HCEC, HUVEC, and MCF10A cell lines.

Ordering information: Contains Tri-Coated (TC, Collagen-I, Fibronectin) 96-well plate (black, clear bottom) with cell seeding stoppers, cell migration detection mask, cell migration stopper tool.
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