Cell migration assay, flex kit

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
Cell migration assay, flex kit
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Reproducibly monitor real-time cell migration, without the use of special instrumentation.

2D assay for investigating cell migration of adherent cell lines.

The Cell migration assay, flex kit is a reproducible, sensitive, and flexible assay that can be used to monitor cell migration or cell invasion. The Cell migration assay, flex kit now gives researchers more control over designing a cell migration assay. Each Cell migration assy, flex kit contains the Cell Seeding Stoppers for creating a detection zone at the center of each well in a 96-well plate. Since the stoppers are not pre-inserted into the wells, researchers can coat the plate with an extracellular matrix (ECM) component to design their assay. Researchers may also apply 3-dimensional overlays in each well to watch how cells invade and respond to various compounds (chemokinesis).The Cell migration assay, flex kit is designed to be used with any stain or labeling technique. Readout can be performed by microscopy or use of a microplate reader.The Cell migration assay, flex kit has been designed for use with adherent cell cultures. This assay has been successfully used with 3T3-Swiss albino, HT-1080, HCEC, HUVEC, and MCF10A cell lines.

Ordering information: Contains tissue culture treated, stopper compatible 96-well plate (black, clear bottom), cell seeding stoppers (96), cell migration detection mask, cell migration stopper tool.
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