Digoxigenin-UTP, alkali-stable

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
Digoxigenin-UTP, alkali-stable
Nucleic Acid Reagents Nucleotides
Digoxigenin-labeled nucleotide suitable for non-radioactive labeling of RNA probes.

  • Replaces dTTP in reactions in which it serves as a substrate for E. coli DNA polymerase
  • Produce digoxigenin-labeled DNA probes in a variety of labeling reactions

Digoxigenin-UTP can replace UTP in reactions catalyzed by T3, T7 or SP6 RNA polymerases. The digoxigenin-labeled RNA transcripts produced by these reactions are suitable for a wide range of applications such as nucleic acid hybridization, sequencing, and genome analysis. The transcription reaction produces multiple RNA copies of the DNA template(s) during a short incubation period. RNA probes offer higher target specificity and greater sensitivity than the corresponding DNA-DNA hybrids. The single-stranded RNA probes offer selectivity unavailable with double-stranded DNA probes, because they are strand-specific. Furthermore, RNA probes hybridize much more efficiently to target molecules than DNA probes because there is no self-hybridization. The hybridized digoxigenin-labeled DNA probes can be detected by their interaction with antibodies coupled to fluorescent dyes or color-producing enzymes.
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