AMPIGENE® cDNA synthesis kit

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
AMPIGENE® cDNA synthesis kit
Nucleic Acid Reagents RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents
AMPIGENE® cDNA Synthesis Kit for efficient and sensitive cDNA synthesis, for downstream qPCR.

AMPIGENE® cDNA Synthesis Kit uses the latest developments in reverse transcriptase (RTase) technology and buffer chemistry for efficient and accurate cDNA synthesis.The modified MMLV RTase is blended with RNase inhibitor to prevent degradation of RNA by contaminating RNase. The RTase is thermostable and extremely active.An optimized buffer system contains oligo(dT), random hexamers, enhancers, dNTPs and MgCl2, allowing efficient and sensitive cDNA synthesis.

Ordering information: Contains 5X cDNA synthesis mix (anchored oligo (dT), random hexamers, 15mM MgCl2, 5mM dNTPs, enahncers, and stabilisers) and 20x RTase (with RNase inhibitor).
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