Nuclear-ID™ Blue/Green cell viability reagent

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
ALEXENZ-53004-C100EA 413 EUR
Nuclear-ID™ Blue/Green cell viability reagent
Protein Linking and Labeling Systems
Nucleus dye

The Nuclear-ID™ Blue/Green cell viability reagent (Prod. No. ENZ-53004) is a mixture of a blue fluorescent cell-permeable nucleic acid dye and a green fluorescent cell-impermeable nucleic acid dye that is suited for staining dead nuclei. The staining pattern arising from the simultaneous combination of these two dyes permits determination of live and dead cell populations by fluorescence/confocal microscopy. The reagent, supplied as a 1000x solution, is sufficient for 1000 microscopy assays. The single-tube format makes this cell viability reagent easy to use. It leaves the cytoplasm unstained, potentially allowing visualization of other cell markers.

Ordering information: Quantity: 100 μl (for 1000 microscopy assays).
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