Transfection reagent, Nupherin™

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
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ALEXBML-SE225-0075 ALEXBML-SE225-0003
Transfection reagent, Nupherin™
Transfection Reagents
Greatly enhances transfection efficiency

Nupherin™ dramatically enhances the performance of commercially available cationic lipids to allow high-efficiency lipofection (10 to 40%) of neuronal, ganglion and other difficult to transfect cells. Efficient lipofection is limited by the ability of transfected DNA to enter the nucleus – a particular obstacle in nondividing or slow dividing cells like neurons. Nupherin, a peptide based reagent that combines a non-classical nuclear localization sequence (M9) with a nucleotide binding domain, helps to transport DNA into the transfected cell's nucleus. Nupherin has been demonstrated to provide high efficiency lipofection of primary rat hippocampal neurons, chicken embryonic retinal ganglian cells, rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells and other recalcitrant cells. Fully compatible with cells grown on glass coverslips, in plastic plates, or in tissue-culture flasks.

Sterile solution 3mg/ml.

Ordering information: Quantity: The 3 mg size provides enough reagent for 100 to 200 transfections.
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