Bottles, wide neck, amber, with GLS 80® thread and screw cap, DURAN®

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences

215-2070EA 722.62 EUR
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Bottles, wide neck, amber, with GLS 80® thread and screw cap, DURAN®
Bottles Glass Bottles
DURAN®, borosilicate glass 3.3, amber, with blue PP screw cap.

  • Very good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance
  • Extra wide opening allows easy cleaning
  • Minimal thermal expansion giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes
  • Glass Type I according to USP, EP and JP
  • Amber glass meets USP 671 and Eur. Ph. 3.2.1. for protection against UV light

Amber to protect light-sensitive materials. UV protection up to approx. 500 nm light wavelength. Only the outer surface of the bottles is tinted ensuring that the DURAN® properties on the inside remain unchanged. Round, with graduations and specially developed GLS 80® thread. Opening and closing the bottle is easy with quick closure mechanism. The 80 mm wide outer diameter of the bottle neck enables bottles to be filled conveniently and safely with powders, pastes, granulates and liquids. The large opening can accommodate even large volume funnels, and gives easy access to scoops or spatulas.

With printed Retrace Code (batch identification).
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