Apoptosis assay kit (Dual), NucView™ 488

Supplier: Biotium
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Apoptosis assay kit (Dual), NucView™ 488
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NucView® 488 and CF™dye (594, 640R and Texas RED) conjugated annexin V provides two apoptosis events, caspase-3 activity and phosphatidylserine (PS) translocation.

NucView® 488 caspase-3 substrate detects caspase-3 activity within individual whole cells in a non-interfering manner. The substrate consists of a fluorogenic DNA dye and a DEVD substrate moiety specific for caspase-3. The substrate, which is both non-fluorescent and nonfunctional as a DNA dye, rapidly crosses cell membranes to enter the cytoplasm, where it is cleaved by caspase-3 to form a high-affinity DNA dye that stains the nucleus bright green.

The NucView® 488 caspase-3 substrate is bi-functional, allowing detection of caspase-3 activity and visualisation of apoptotic nuclear morphology.

The number of fluorescence microscopy assays that can be performed with the kit may vary based on the size of culture vessel and staining volume used.

Delivery information: The kit contains NucView® 488 caspase-3 substrate and Annexin V conjugated red or far-red dye and reagents sufficient for 50 flow cytometry assays (200 µl assay volume).
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