Apoptosis assay kit, NucView® 488 and MitoView™ 633

Supplier: Biotium
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Apoptosis assay kit, NucView® 488 and MitoView™ 633
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NucView® 488 and MitoView™ 633 kit allows profiling of apoptotic cells simultaneously with changes in mitochondrial membrane potential using either fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.

The bi-functional NucView® 488 caspase-3 substrate can detect both intracellular caspase-3 and at the same time stain the cell nucleus, which is known to undergo morphological changes during apoptosis. MitoView™ 633 is a far-red fluorescent mitochondrial dye. The staining is dependent upon the mitochondrial membrane potential; thus, apoptotic cells exhibit a much lower MitoView™633 dye staining compared to healthy cells. Furthermore, the spectral separation of these two dyes minimises fluorescence overlap.

The optimal detection settings for MitoView™ 633 are the same as for Cy®5 and other far-red dyes. However, the dye also has visible red fluorescence and can be imaged using Cy®3 settings as well. Consequently, the dye cannot be used for two-colour imaging with other red probes.

Delivery information: Kit contains NucView®488 caspase-3 substrate and the MitoView™ 633 mitochondrial dye sufficient for 100 assays.
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