Western blot kits, TrueBlot®

Supplier: Rockland Immunochemicals
ROCK18-8814-33EA 266 EUR
ROCK18-8814-33 ROCK18-8815-33 ROCK88-8887-31 ROCK88-8886-31 ROCK88-8884-31 ROCK18-8817-31 ROCK18-8816-31 ROCK18-8817-33 ROCK18-8816-33 ROCK18-8814-31 ROCK18-8815-31 ROCK18-8817-30
Western blot kits, TrueBlot®
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TrueBlot® Western blot kits contain the critical supporting reagents, buffers, and substrates for immunoprecipitation and Western blotting of samples using TrueBlot® second step immunoblotting reagents in conjunction with the user's own primary IP antibody and primary (mouse, goat or rabbit IgG) Western blotting antibody.

TrueBlot® technology enables unhindered detection of protein bands of interest which would otherwise be obscured by the presence of reduced and denatured heavy and light chain immunoglobulin in the blot (as detected by the conventional immunoblotting HRP IgG reagents). TrueBlot® is the unique horseradish peroxidase conjugated anti-mouse/anti-goat/anti-rabbit IgG immunoblotting second step reagent which enables detection of immunoblotted target protein bands, without hindrance by interfering immunoglobulin heavy and light chains from the user's own IP antibody. TrueBlot® preferentially detects the non reduced form of IgG over the reduced, SDS-denatured form of IgG.

Applications include studies examining post-translational modification (e.g. phosphorylation or acetylation) or protein-protein interactions.

Delivery information: Contains sufficient reagents for up to 20 blots.

Caution: For research use only and not recommended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
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