DAF-FM DA (cell permeable) ≥98%

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CAYM18767-5 CAYM18767-1
DAF-FM DA (cell permeable) ≥98%
DAF-FM DA (cell permeable)

DAF-FM diacetate is a cell-permeable, fluorescent probe for the detection and bioimaging of nitric oxide (NO) with excitation/emission maxima of 495/515 nm.

It passively diffuses across cellular membranes and, once inside cells, is deacetylated by intracellular esterases to become DAF-FM. The fluorescence quantum yield of DAF-FM is ~0.005, but increases about 160-fold, to ~0.81, after reacting with NO. DAF-FM is advantageous over the NO probe, DAF-2 for several reasons. That is the spectra of the NO adduct of DAF-FM are independent of pH above pH 5.5, NO adduct of DAF-FM is significantly more photostable than that of DAF-2 and the NO detection limit of DAF-FM (~3 nM) is more sensitive than that of DAF-2 (~5 nM).

Formula: C₂₅H₁₈F₂N₂O₇
MW: 496,4 g/mol
Storage Temperature: Freezer
CAS Number: 254109-22-3

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Purity ≥98%

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