Bovine gamma-globulin (from Blood)

Supplier: Sigma
SIALG7516-25GEA 396 EUR
SIALG7516-25G SIALG7516-1G SIALG7516-100G SIALG7516-10G SIALG7516-5G
Bovine gamma-globulin (from Blood)
Proteins and Peptides
γ-Globulin from bovine blood are categorised by anion exchange chromatography, immunoelectrophoresis, zone electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation, and analysis of the products of papain digestion. It is used as an immunological challenge in studies of mechanisms of immunotolerance.

Bovine γ-globulins are used to study the constituents and pH changes in protein rich hyaluronan solution affecting the bio-tribological properties of artificial articular joints. It is also used to determine immunoglobulin G in bovine colostrum and milk by direct biosensor SPR-immunoassay and in rapid screening for monensin residues in poultry plasma by a dry reagent dissociation enhanced lanthanide fluoroimmunoassay.
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