Infrared optical windows

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
38384.KTEA 35.7 EUR
38384.KT 38416.KT 41743.KT 38422.KT 42146.KT 38426.KT 38445.KT 38449.KT 38455.KT 38478.KT 38436.KT 38413.KT 38451.KT 41740.KT 38470.KT 38459.KT 45944.KT 38467.KT 41742.KT 38385.KT 42145.KT 38415.KT 38425.KT 38391.KT 38446.KT 38429.KT 38395.KT 38399.KT 38435.KT 38414.KT 38452.KT 38473.KT 38443.KT 41739.KT 38420.KT 42148.KT 38392.KT 41883.KT 38424.KT 38428.KT 38447.KT 38481.KT 38430.KT 38476.KT 38453.KT 38438.KT 38457.KT 38444.KT 38417.KT 41744.KT 38387.KT 42147.KT 38461.KT 38423.KT 38427.KT 38409.KT 38469.KT 38454.KT 38433.KT 38393.KT 38397.KT 38450.KT 38458.KT
Infrared optical windows
Optical Windows
These optical crystal windows are ideal for infrared spectroscopy.

  • Disc or rectangular
  • Polished or unpolished

A polishing kit is available for those who wish to polish their windows.
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