ASTM-Like precision thermometers, ACCU-SAFE

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL1202041SEA 146 EUR
SCNL1202041S SCNL1202110S SCNL1202132S SCNL1202112S SCNL1202047S SCNL1202025S SCNL1202122S SCNL1202023S SCNL1202124S SCNL1202013S SCNL1202102S SCNL1202095S SCNL1202073S SCNL1202071S SCNL1202093S SCNL1202029S SCNL1202126S SCNL1202027S SCNL1202118S SCNL1202128S SCNL1202044S SCNL1202096S SCNL1202121S SCNL1202123S SCNL1202133S SCNL1202026S SCNL1202048S SCNL1202103S SCNL1202125S SCNL1202046S SCNL1202024S SCNL1202072S SCNL1202094S SCNL1205028S SCNL1202129S SCNL1202028S SCNL1202119S
ASTM-Like precision thermometers, ACCU-SAFE
Thermometers Analogue Thermometers
These precision thermometers are suitable for calibration.

  • Round, white back capillary form
  • Suitable for calibration

Blue filling, stem type.

Delivery information: With individual serial number.

Packaging: Each item packed in square plastic sleeve.
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