HiFi DNA polymerase

Supplier: VWR Life Science
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HiFi DNA polymerase
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VWR® HiFi DNA polymerase sets new standards for high fidelity PCR with up to 50X Taq fidelity. This chimeric DNA polymerase features ultra-low error rate and robust performance. VWR® HiFi DNA polymerase offers excellent coverage on difficult amplicons with low to high GC content. The long range capacity of the polymerase is 8,5 kb for genomic DNA, and >12 kb for simple DNA targets.

  • High fidelity enzyme: Measured up to 50X Taq fidelity
  • Good coverage for amplification of DNA target with low to high GC %
  • Long range capacity: 8,5 kb for genomic DNA and >12 kb for simple DNA targets
  • Recommended for cloning, mutagenesis, SNP analysis, NGS applications and other applications requiring extremely high fidelity
  • Convenient reaction set-up

Optimal PCR conditions for VWR® HiFi DNA polymerase are provided by the supplied 10X VWR HiFi Buffer. For DNA samples with high GC content addition of 2 M betaine enhancer solution is recommended. Also available as 2X master mix.
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