Low volume flocell

QSON4650EA 1460 EUR
Low volume flocell
Homogenisers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
Flocell provides inline or continuous, large volume, batch sample processing. Flocell is ideal for mixing and dispersing applications.

  • The liquid sample is pumped into the Flocell through the inlet at the bottom of the unit. As the sample passes through the cavitation field, it is processed. The processed liquid exits the unit through an outlet port. The degree of processing can be controlled by adjusting the intensity of sonication as well as flow rate.

Max. flow rate: 0,5 l/min
H×Ø: 228×89 mm
Operating pressure: 40 - 100 psi

Sonication generates heat so a water jacket is available if the process requires cooling. The water jacket slides over the LVFC and is used to recirculate cold water around the exterior of the flocell body.

Useful for processing sample volumes above 1 L. Routine applications include cell lysis, mixing, solubilising and deagglomerating/dispersing nanoparticles. Low volume flocell is available for use with either the Q500 or Q700 system.

Ordering information: A replaceable tip probe (12,7 mm) or solid probe (12,7 mm) must be ordered separately.

Delivery information: Flocell is equipped with hose barb fittings (6,35 mm) and does not include a probe.
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