Precision laboratory thermometers, ACCU-SAFE, Stemform

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL1042384S/04/3PEA 442 EUR
SCNL1042384S/04/3P SCNL1132004S SCNL1042376S/04/3P SCNL1042374S/04/3P SCNL1042375S/04/3P SCNL1042377S/04/3P SCNL1132006S SCNL1052105S/03/3P SCNL1042373S/04/3P SCNL1042379S/04/3P SCNL1042380S SCNL1042380S/04/3P SCNL1042374S SCNL1042384S SCNL1042376S SCNL1052303S/03/3P SCNL1052303S SCNL1052105S SCNL1132007S/04/3P SCNL1132005S/04/3P SCNL1132006S/04/3P SCNL1132004S/04/3P SCNL1042376S/03/3P SCNL1042384S/03/3P SCNL1042377S/03/3P SCNL1042375S/03/3P SCNL1132005S SCNL1052105S/04/3P SCNL1132007S SCNL1042379S/03/3P SCNL1042374S/03/3P SCNL1042373S/03/3P SCNL1042380S/03/3P SCNL1042373S SCNL1042375S SCNL1042377S SCNL1052303S/04/3P SCNL1042379S SCNL1132006S/03/3P SCNL1132007S/03/3P SCNL1132004S/03/3P SCNL1132005S/03/3P
Precision laboratory thermometers, ACCU-SAFE, Stemform
Thermometers Analogue Thermometers
These ACCU-SAFE thermometers are ideal to measure precisely and reliably without mercury from the very start.

  • Round, white back capillary form
  • Suitable for calibration

Blue filling, stem type.

Ordering information: Available with works certificate or with DAkkS calibration certificate.

Delivery information: With individual serial number and certificate of conformity.

Packaging: Each item packed in square plastic sleeve.
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