Colorimetric test kit, cyanide, VISOCOLOR ECO and VISOCOLOR HE

Supplier: Macherey-Nagel
MANA931022EA 71.2 EUR
MANA931022 MANA931222
Colorimetric test kit, cyanide, VISOCOLOR ECO and VISOCOLOR HE
Environmental Test Kits
Colorimetric test kit and reagents for the determination of Cyanide in water samples.

VISOCOLOR ECO Cyanide combines easy performance with high measurement safety, by colour and turbidity compensation.

VISOCOLOR® HE is a colorimetric system that combines accuracy with easy and safe handling. This makes the tests ideal for the use outside. The system allows for the determination of very low concentrations.

Cyanide ions react with chlorine to form cyanogen chloride, which splits the pyridine ring and forms glutaconedialdehyde. By aldol condensation with barbituric acid a violet polymethine dye is produced.

These tests cover free cyanide and cyanide complexes which can be destroyed with chlorine. If interfering substances like heavy metal complexes, thiocyanate, sulphide, dyes or aromatic amines are present, a distillation according to DIN 38 405-D 13–2–2 must precede the cyanide test.
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