Colorimetric rapid tests, chlorine, VISOCOLOR®

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Colorimetric rapid tests, chlorine, VISOCOLOR®
Environmental Test Kits
The VISOCOLOR® testkits are devided into VISOCOLOR® alpha, ECO and HE. Every product range offering its specific strenght to provide a tailored test for each and every user and application.

  • Portable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient handling
  • Application-oriented measuring ranges

The addition of chlorine to swimming pools, water reservoirs and water mains is an approved procedure to rid the water of germs. With the correct dose harmful microorganisms are destroyed, many impurities removed and the growth of algae is prevented. However it is imperative that the chlorine content is regularly checked, since excessive chlorine not only impairs the smell and taste of the water but can be hazardous.
One distinguishes between free chlorine and bound chlorine (chloroamines); the sum of both is called total chlorine.
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