Test papers, qualitative, cobalt

MANA90728EA 28.5 EUR
Test papers, qualitative, cobalt
Environmental Test Kits
This test paper allows the quick and easy detection of Cobalt (Co²⁺). For non-destructive testing of materials apply a drop of acid solution (50 ml hydrogen peroxide 3% + 7,5 ml O-phosphoric acid 85% + 5 ml hydrochloric acid 37 %) to the degreased surface.

  • Colour change: White to blue

After 30 to 60 seconds absorb the liquid with the test paper. In the presence of Cobalt a blue colour appears. The intensity of the colour varies according to the concentration. With this procedure Cobalt contents >0,5% are safely detected.

Limit of sensitivity: 25 mg/l Co2+

Delivery information: Pack of 100 strips 20×70 mm
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