ViaFluor® 647 live cell microtubule stain 1000X in DMSO

Supplier: Biotium
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ViaFluor® 647 live cell microtubule stain 1000X in DMSO
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Stain microtubules in live cells with far-red fluorescence.

  • Cell permeable fluorescent taxol probes
  • Rapid, sensitive, no-wash staining
  • Far-red fluorescence for the Cy®5 channel; compatible with SIM or STED
  • Ex/Em: 650/675 nm
  • Available with blue, green, or far-red fluorescence

ViaFluor® Live Cell Microtubule Stains are suitable for imaging the microtubule cytoskeleton in live cells.

Taxol binds to polymerized tubulin and stabilizes microtubules, resulting in inhibition of mitosis. However, fluorescent taxol compounds like ViaFluor® Microtubule Stains are less disruptive of microtubule dynamics and cell division, presumably due to lower binding affinity of the fluorescent probe compared to taxol itself. The probes can be used to stain cells for as long as 48 hours to several days. However, the probes may show cytotoxicity and cell cycle arrest with longer incubation times. ViaFluor® Live Cell Microtubule Stains cannot be fixed after staining and cannot be used with fixed cells or tissues. The stains are supplied as a 1000X stock solutions in DMSO. They come with a vial of 100 mM verapamil, an efflux pump inhibitor that may improve probe retention and staining in some cell types.

Briefly centrifuge vials to collect contents at the bottom of the tubes before opening.

Cy5 is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.
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