Plasmid purification, Plasmid Miniprep kit I, peqGOLD

Supplier: VWR Life Science
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Plasmid purification, Plasmid Miniprep kit I, peqGOLD
Nucleic Acid Reagents Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
Plasmid Miniprep Kit I for the easy, quick and efficient extraction of highly pure plasmid DNA. Isolate up to 30 µg of high quality plasmid DNA from 1 to 5 ml bacterial cultures in 30 minutes or less. Plasmid DNA obtained with peqGOLD Plasmid Miniprep kits can directly be used for a wide range of downstream applications.

  • Suitable for the simultaneous processing of multiple samples
  • Short hands-on and preparation times (<15 minutes)
  • No need for organic extractions or precipitations
  • Complete enzymatic degradation of all cellular RNA
  • Efficient removal of enzyme inhibitors and contaminants

Delivery information: Each kit includes peqGOLD DNA columns and 2 ml collection tubes, RNase A solution, Solution I, II and III, HBC buffer and DNA wash buffer and elution buffer.
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