RNA isolation, plant RNA kit, peqGOLD

Supplier: VWR Life Science
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RNA isolation, plant RNA kit, peqGOLD
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Plant RNA Kit efficiently isolates RNA from a wide range of plant species and plant tissue, effectively removing genomic DNA, polysaccharides, phenol and other secondary metabolites. Starting amount can be up to 100 mg plant tissue. The isolated RNA is directly suitable for downstream applications.

  • Ideal for the simultaneous processing of multiple samples
  • DNA removing columns for efficient separation of DNA and cellular debris
  • No need for organic extractions
  • Immediate inactivation of endogenous and exogenous RNases
  • Favoured binding of RNA molecules >200 bases
  • Efficient separation of enzyme inhibitors and contaminants
  • Final elution in RNase-free water

Delivery information: Kits contains peqGOLD RNA Mini columns, peqGOLS RNA Homogenizer columns, 2 ml collection tubes, NTL lysis buffer, SP buffer, RB buffer, RNA wash buffer 1 and nuclease-free water.
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