Sorbent tubes for gas and vapor sampling, ORBO™

Supplier: Merck
20362.EA 118 EUR
20362. SUPL20053 SUPL20360 SUPL20211 20267-U 20030-U 20870-U 20050-U 20355. SUPL20044 20357. 20349. 20254-U SUPL20054 20264-U SUPL20051 54081-U 20358. 20081-U SUPL20351 SUPL20263 20255-U SUPL20265 54020-U 20832-U SUPL20047 20257-U 20260-U SUPL20063 SUPL20262 23446-U SUPL20052 20256-U
Sorbent tubes for gas and vapor sampling, ORBO™
Gas Tubes
ORBO™ sorbent tubes contain two beds of the same selective adsorbent seperated by glass wool or foam, for gas and vapor sampling.

  • Wide range of high quality adsorbents
  • Consistent adsorbent mesh sizes
  • Coated and specially-treated materials
  • Reproducible recoveries and low standard deviation
  • Consistent bed weights from tube to tube to ensure capacity

The dual-layer or two-bed construction of the tube allows for any sample breakthough to be captured in the smaller back-up bed.
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