Stereo microscope, digital, 3-D full high definition with zoom, Ergonomic, DRV-Z1

Supplier: Vision Engineering
630-3461EA 17274.6 EUR
Stereo microscope, digital, 3-D full high definition with zoom, Ergonomic, DRV-Z1
Specifically designed for inspection and manufacturing applications, DRV-Z1 is a digital stereo 3-D viewer with zoom that brings together the benefits of optical stereo microscopy and digital technology into a single unique system.

  • Digital stereo 3-D with vivid depth perception
  • 4 million pixel image
  • Precision hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Improved comfort and productivity
  • New real time collaboration opportunity

For users, DRV-Z1's stereo digital image provides a natural 3-D view, with full high definition (FHD) resolution and excellent subject clarity, enabling better quality inspection. For the first time in a digital system, real depth perception is created, supporting the use of tools in subject manipulation tasks such as soldering and reworking. Uniquely, the 3-D FHD image is seen without the need for special glasses or headsets.

DRV-Z1's 'designed-in' ergonomic benefits, including freedom of head movement, natural subject view, comfortable working position, easy hand-to-eye co-ordination and ability to wear prescription glasses, if required, all contribute to improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

For organisations with a distributed office structure, or for customers whose supply chain network is geographically spread out, DRV-Z1's patented technology drives productivity improvement and new opportunities in collaboration through a unique combination of a natural, high clarity 3D image presentation, 3-D image capture, and 3-D image sharing to remote colleagues via real time digital connectivity.

Ordering information: DRV-Z1 has a range of bases and illumination options to suit your requirements. DRV-Z1 package includes DRV stereo head, stand, zoom with keyboard and cables, 0,4× objective and long base.
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