PCR clean-up reagent, Sera-Mag™ select

Supplier: Cytiva
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PCR clean-up reagent, Sera-Mag™ select
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Sera-Mag Select PCR clean-up, size selection reagent combines the exceptional binding characteristics of Sera-Mag carboxyl speedbeads with an optimised binding solution in a ready to use formulation. The DNA size range isolated from the process can be tailored to suit the user’s end requirements by adjusting the amount of reagent that is mixed with a fixed volume of sample.

  • Single reagent for PCR clean-up and size selection
  • Suitable for NGS library and PCR fragment clean-up, as well as dual size selection of libraries
  • Uses the same protocols as existing reagents so can be directly integrated into existing workflows with minimal disruption
  • Delivers tight distribution in size selection for high yield recovery of specific fragment sizes
  • Suitable for manual, high throughput and automated workflows

Delivers selective binding of DNA fragments for use with next generation sequencing (NGS) and PCR clean-up.

Caution: Should be stored in the refrigerator between 2 to 8 °C. Do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed.
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