Electroporation solution kits, BTXpress™

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Electroporation solution kits, BTXpress™
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The BTXpress™ is a single buffer solution, developed to quickly and efficiently deliver genes into mammalian cells that were previously considered hard to transfect by chemical and other non viral methods. Transfection using this high performance electroporation solution is equally effective in delivering DNA as well as siRNA into mammalian cells.

  • High efficiency transfection of cell lines and previously considered hard to transfect cells
  • Low toxicity resulting in improved cell viability
  • One buffer used in place of standard electroporation buffers for all mammalian cell types
  • Versatility of choosing electroporation optimisation settings for the highest transfection efficiency with BTX instruments
  • Increased numbers of tranfections per kit providing better value

As a universal solution the BTXpress™ electroporation reagent can be used with electroporation generators, including Amaxa™ Nucleofector®.

Delivery information: BTXpress™ high performance electroporation solution is supplied either as a kit, which includes the BTX Plus cuvettes with transfer pipettes, or as a buffer alone.
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