Bacteria genomicPrep mini spin kit, illustra™

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Bacteria genomicPrep mini spin kit, illustra™
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The illustra™ bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit is designed for the rapid extraction and purification of high quality genomic DNA from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The kit can be used to isolate genomic DNA from a wide range of bacterial strains such as DH5a, TOP10, JM109, Bacillus subtilis, etc. The illustra™ bacteria genomicPrep Mini Spin Kit produces highly pure and intact genomic DNA with A260/A280 values of 1,75 to 1,85.

  • Total DNA extraction time under one hour with reduced lysis time
  • Can be used to purify 4 to 8 μg of genomic DNA from 2×10⁹ bacteria cells with input amounts ranging from 1×10⁹ to 4×10⁹ bacteria cells
  • Spin columns, prepacked with a silica membrane, provide excellent reproducibility and consistency
  • Verified in several downstream applications, including Real-Time PCR, long PCR, and restriction digest
  • Colour coded caps for ease of use

Different elution volumes can be used to isolate genomic DNA at concentrations suitable for most downstream applications including restriction enzyme digestion, Real-Time PCR, and long PCR. The method uses a lysis solution in combination with proteinase K to gently release genomic DNA into solution from bacteria cells. The DNA is deproteinated in the extraction solution and the genomic DNA is then bound onto a silica column in the presence of chaotropic solution. Contaminants are removed during wash steps and the purifed DNA is eluted with prewarmed TE solution.

Delivery information: The kit contains illustra™ bacteria genomicPrep Mini spin columns prepacked with novel silica membrane, lyophilised proteinase K powder, lysis solutions, wash and elution buffers, 2 ml microcentrifuge collection tubes, a full booklet with a detachable, quick reference protocol card.
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