HPLC starter kits, Supply V2.0

Supplier: S.C.A.T.
SCTV399200EA 249 EUR
SCTV399200 SCTV399201 SCTV399202
HPLC starter kits, Supply V2.0
Closures Safety Caps and Safety Waste Caps
Starter kits consisting of SCAT SafetyCaps, blind plugs, fittings and air valves for the supply of HPLC systems.

  • Price advantage compared to ordering piece by piece
  • Suitable for all current HPLC systems
  • Unused connectors can be closed by the blind screws delivered with the set, which make the system universally applicable, even when less connectors are needed

Initial removal equipment that can be used with all common HPLC systems, for the safe extraction of solvents.

Ordering information: All set components can be reordered separately.
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