Fast extract genotyping PCR kit

Supplier: VWR Life Science
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Fast extract genotyping PCR kit
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This fast extract genotyping PCR kit consists of a fast extraction DNA solution and VWR Red Taq DNA polymerase 2X master mix. It is ideal for genotyping of DNA extracted from mammalian tissues, plant material, saliva or bacteria, providing PCR-ready DNA in 8 minutes and genotyping results in less than 1,5 hours.

  • Kit for genotyping
  • Reagents for DNA extraction and PCR
  • Rapid 8 minute extraction protocol
  • PCR-ready DNA
  • DNA extracts from mammalian tissue and plant material
  • Red loading dye within PCR master mix for direct gel loading

The Fast Extract DNA Solution provides rapid and efficient extraction of PCR-ready DNA from mammalian tissues and plant material, such as leaves. DNA is ready in 8 minutes. The one-reagent protocol is divided into two simple heating steps, which can be directly followed by PCR analysis using Red Taq DNA Polymerase 2X Master Mix. DNA extraction set-up is easily scaled and can be conducted by robotic automation platforms. Depending on the sample size, the DNA extraction can be performed in PCR tubes or in 1,5 ml tubes, using either a thermocycler or heating block.

Red Taq DNA polymerase 2X Master mix is a ready to use 2X reaction mix. Simply add primers, the extracted DNA to the PCR reaction mix to successfully carry out PCR. The red dye and stabiliser within the master mix formulation enables the user to load amplified PCR samples directly to the DNA gel. The red dye also provides visualisation of pipetting and mixing.

Prep size: 100 + 25 µl
Method/format: Genotyping - DNA extraction + PCR
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