Funnel with ball and lid, electrostatic conductive, ARNOLD, V2.0

Supplier: S.C.A.T.
SCTV317633EA 199 EUR
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Funnel with ball and lid, electrostatic conductive, ARNOLD, V2.0
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The strong and electrically conductive safety funnel 'ARNOLD' V2.0 with lid and ball meets the highest requirements for safe disposal of hazardous liquid waste due to its combination of two independent safety mechanisms. The two safety features consist of a ball integrated in the funnel basin and a sealing ring incorporated in the hinged lid of the funnel, which prevent the escape of toxic gases. The funnel is especially designed for explosive or flammable substances, as the PE-HD material used is eclectically conductive and charges can be dissipated via the ground cable.

  • Electrically conductive black HDPE material with grounding connection to prevent flying sparks
  • Hinged lid with sealing ring for closure when the funnel is not in use
  • Optimized sieve for collecting larger particles and for depositing laboratory bottles
  • Improved splash guard with integrated air channels to prevent bubble formation
  • Ball valve with automatic opening mechanism during filling
  • Individually shortenable safety lance for clean drainage of liquid waste
  • All major components are removable for easy cleaning

The safety funnel 'ARNOLD' V2.0 with lid and ball valve is available for different container threads. In order to be able to produce in an environmentally friendly and economical way, we supply individual variants with a thread adapter, which has no influence on the functionality or safety of the funnel.

Delivery information: Including splash guard, removable sieve and grounding cable.
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