CF® Dye Dextran 250000 MW, anionic and fixable

Supplier: Biotium
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CF® Dye Dextran 250000 MW, anionic and fixable
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CF® dye labeled dextrans could be used as a fluorescent fluid-phase markers to study cell permeability, endocytosis, or mechanisms of biomolecular delivery. The dextran is 250,000 MW, and contains a formaldehyde-fixable free-amine group.

  • Water-soluble fluid phase markers for tracking bulk endocytosis and cell permeability
  • Available with molecular weights of 3.5 kD, 10 kD, 40 kD, 70kD, 150 kD, or 250 kD
  • Choose from a selection of bright & photostable CF® dyes

Dextrans are water soluble branched-chain polysaccharides. Fluorescently labeled dextrans are used as markers for trafficking of fluid phase endocytic cargo to lysosomes. They are also used as tracers for epithelial and endothelial permeability. Labeled dextrans may also be used as microinjected tracers for neuronal morphology. CF® Dye Dextrans are available with a variety of dye colors and molecular weights ranging from 3,500 to 250,000.

These conjugates are available with Biotium's next-generation CF® dyes, a series of highly water-soluble fluorescent dyes spanning the visible and near-infrared spectrum for labeling biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Developed in house by Biotium's industry-leading chemists, CF® dyes offer superior brightness, photostability, and signal-to-noise when compared to other commercially available fluorescent dyes.
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