Microcentrifuge tubes with attached caps, in resealable bags, SuperClear®

Supplier: Labcon
3022-800-000-9EA 90.5 EUR
3022-800-000-9 3046-876-000-9 3046-872-000-9 3046-879-000-9 3046-870-000-9 3046-871-000-9 3046-874-000-9 3046-877-000-9 3034-335-000-9 3046-878-000-9 3046-873-000-9
Microcentrifuge tubes with attached caps, in resealable bags, SuperClear®
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
Ultra-clear polypropylene, graduated, autoclavable, and freezable microcentrifuge tubes with flat cap. Amber coloured styles are available for use with light-sensitive substances.

  • Every lot is tested for protease, Human DNA, ATP, and RNase/DNase
  • Endotoxin-free (non-pyrogenic)
  • Supplied with flat, easy-open, attached snap caps
  • Side graduations and frosted writing surface
  • Polypropylene USP Class VI resin
  • Freezable to –80 °C

The ability to extract DNA from samples and then amplify that DNA with reliable results is an important part of lab work. SuperClear® tubes are designed with this in mind. They can be trusted to spin at high rates, and can be opened and closed easily many times to add or remove reagents. The interior surfaces are ultra-smooth with low retention. They are clear enough to be used in a spectrophotometer and have no extractables at the wavelength ranges used to detect DNA.
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