Big blue

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
AGLS200221EA 5787 EUR
AGLS200221 AGLS200223 AGLS200220 STRA200221
Big blue
Assays Cellular Assays
These are used in all Big Blue rodents and cell lines.

Transpack packaging extract is optimised for use with Big Blue Rodents and Cell lines as well as the lambda CII select Assay.

The Big Blue transgenic rodent mutagenesis assay is an in vivo system for assessing the genetic toxicity of test compounds.

The Lambda Select-cII mutation detection system for Big Blue rodents is a positive mutant-screening method for mutagenesis studies using Big Blue transgenic rodents.

Big Blue paque colour controls with four separate phage suspensions of colour mutants mixed with non-mutant phage.
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