Specialty bags, Whirl-Pak®

Supplier: Nasco

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300-0667 NASCB01319WA NASCB01350WA
Specialty bags, Whirl-Pak®
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Blended, virgin polyethylene film provides exceptional clarity and superior strength HACCP, EPA, USDA, FDA approved for food contact.

  • Plus 1 sterilisation, post-manufacturing sterilisation: Increased sample integrity, perforated closure to maintain sterility
  • For use in your meat and poultry facilities
  • Continuous perimeter seal: Maximum protection against leaks

Specially designed products for meat and poultry sampling, Poultry rinse polyethylene bag is sealed at the top to maintain sterility, and has a perforation for easy opening. It will hold small turkeys, chickens, and other similar size poultry.

Following USDA instructions, place the bird in the bag, add the buffer, twist the bag shut, and fold it around the bird; with two hands rotate the bird several times to rinse the carcass thoroughly with the buffer. Next, remove the liquid and test for E. coli. The carcass sampling kit contains a pair of non-handed size large sterile polyethylene gloves, 25 ml buffered peptone water (the peptone water has an expiration date marked on the box), a Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® bag, and two disposable sterile templates, one for meat carcasses (10×10 cm) and one for poultry (5×10 cm).

The disposable template eliminates the need for re-sanitizing reusable templates, saving time and money, making it easier to transport the template to the carcass. The flexible heavy paper templates form to the contours of the carcass, making it easier to swab within the required area. The gloves and templates are packaged together in a sealed plastic bag that has a perforation for easy opening.

Shelf life from sterilisation date found on the sterility documentation: Options available have shelf life range from 1 - 5 years from sterilised date found on your sterility confirmation.

Certifications: Approved by USDA, FDA, EPA and HACCP. Food safe.
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